Best 3 road trips on the historic Route 40 to take this summer

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ARE WE THERE YET?  The Golden Age of American Family Vacations

By Susan Sessions Rugh

Sue Kovach’s washingtonpost review of Susan Sessions Rugh book, “ARE WE THERE YET! The Golden Age of American Family Vacations” begins with a prompt to recall the by gone era of road trips. ‘Mention “family vacation” to a baby boomer and you’re likely to conjure memories of car trips.”

Yes, car trips. Susan Sessions Pugh, an associate professor of history at Brigham Young University, writes about the mass family road trip adventures from 1945 to 70s to explore the country from east to west to discover the country and connect with their common roots. As Ms. Pugh, says, “the Ford Motor Company even promoted it sedans as “America’s school house on wheels.”

Today, there are road trips that will take you back to the 1950s era of the Golden of the Automobiling. That road is Route 40, once great was the first transportation link from the East to California. I-70 replaced it. But you can pull off the interstate to explore tranquil state parks or unique attractions in Kansas, Missouri, and Colorado.

And here are some sites that you’ll see if you venture off the high-speed interstate.

Check out Frank Brusca’s for a collection of guides, maps, biographies, music, and lots of nostalgic information about the historic highway Route 40.




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