Best Eight Reasons Why The Golden Of Age Travel Was Glamorous – See and read why.

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What good are wings without the courage to fly?’ Atticus


At the peak of the Jet Age, air travel was a glorious adventure. Take a glimpse back to the time when air travel was grand.






Riding the Comet

These BOAC passengers are comfortable on an early precursor to sleeper seats on a relaxing on the sleeper seats on a new deHavilland Comet jet during a demonstration flight at the aircraft manufacturer’s Hatfield, UK facility.


Even if you didn’t see the people in this photo, you’d know this was a flight taken in the 1970s. There are actual curtains on the aircraft window and the seats sport those autumn colors that were so popular in that decade.

Service with a smile

A couple enjoys service with a smile on an Air France flight, from the 1950s. Check out that amazing spread!

Two Seats Please

Can you imagine being able to fold down the seat next to you for extra space to hold your food, drinks, and other sundry items on your next flight? It was possible in the 1960s.

Jet Setter

United Airlines wanted to show off its new four-engine Douglas DC-8 jet with this ad. That seat is almost loveseat-like, and the large windows gave you a great view. The jet went into service for United on September 18, 1959.

Time for Bed

This woman is preparing for bed onboard a Boeing Stratocruiser. The aircraft set a new standard for luxurious air travel with its tastefully decorated extra-wide passenger cabin and gold-appointed dressing rooms. A circular staircase led to a lower deck beverage lounge, and flight attendants prepared hot meals for 50 to 100 people in a state-of-the-art galley. As a sleeper, the Stratocruiser was equipped with 28 upper-and-lower bunk units.

Pan Am Style

This model standing in front of a vintage Pan Am aircraft just screams the golden age of travel. Remember when travelers used to dress for flights?

Source; #FlashbackFriday The Golden Age of Travel Civilized air travel updated 02.04/2017 by Benet Wilson, Golden Age of Travel

Want to know more about the Jet Age? Check out the following books.

Jet Age: The Comet, the 707, and the Race to Shrink the World by Sam Howe Verhovek

In Jet Age, journalist Sam Howe Verhovek explores the advent of the first generation of jet airliners and the people who designed, built, and flew them. The path to jet travel was triumphal and amazingly rapid-less than fifty years after the Wright Brothers’ first flight at Kitty Hawk,






Jet Set: The People, the Planes, the Glamour, and the Romance in Aviation’s Glory Years by William Stadiem

In October 1958, Pan American World Airways began making regularly scheduled flights between New York and Paris, courtesy of its newly minted wonder jet, the Boeing 707. Almost overnight, the moneyed celebrities of the era made Europe their playground. At the same time, the dream of international travel came true for thousands of ordinary Americans who longed to emulate the “jet set” lifestyle.





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