Hop on board and continue your flight with stewardesses in post WWII

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Post-WWII gave us advanced airplanes and a booming economy. This combination lured tens of thousands of passengers like you aloft. Along with the growth in air travel, the rules of the business had changed. Ticket prices were government-regulated since most airlines flew the same planes, airlines sought new ways to compete. The basis of competition became upscale service and impeccable stewardesses.

Post- WII Era Stewardess:

With the demand for the perfect stewardess, the post-war era stewardess received upgrades in their uniforms.  In 1944, Hollywood fashion designer Howard Greer consulted the working women to create an imperfect, but more utilitarian uniform. He devised the “blouslip,” a combined undergarment in rayon and satin that did not need constant tucking in. A discrete triangular jacket flap could be unbuttoned to cover the TWA lettering

Flight attendants rejoiced when the post-World War II uniform reintroduced nylons. During the war, the material used to make nylons was reserved for military purposes, making this fashionable item impossible to find





Here are some visions of commercial air travel in post-WWII

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