5 surprising things about flight attendants today

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“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” Unknown flight attendant

Check out these surprising things about  flight attendants

The flight attendant job is not glamorous.

“We deal with a lot of trash — you just never think about trash on a plane, but there’s so much of it. We had passed out for dessert little ice cream cups and were coming down the aisle picking these cups up. Some of them are half eaten and melted. The new flight attendant takes one cup and puts it in the other, and this green-tea ice cream comes splashing out all over her. I’m sure when she was going through the interview process because I never thought about this. She didn’t think that she would have green tea ice cream all over herself.  A flight attendant says this a misconception about her job

Flight attendants have one of the unhealthiest jobs in the United States

Flight attendants have one of the unhealthiest jobs in the United States, according to Business Insider‘s analysis of data from the Department of Labor. With an overall “unhealthiness score” of 62.3 out of 100, flight attendants landed in the top 10, alongside veterinary assistants, anesthesiologists, and several careers in dentistry. Flight attendant unhealthy job risks

Being a flight attendant is still a dream job

You’ve always wanted to be a flight attendant. You remember your first flight and being mesmerized by the dazzling smile of a bubbly cabin attendant. It was the moment that changed everything.

There’s something about it the flight attendant life that:

  • entices you.
  • calls to you.
  • intrigues you.
  • fascinates you

Flight attendant is a dream job

It’s harder to land a flight attendant job that it is to get into Harvard

When the airline announced earlier this week that it has 1,000 flight attendant openings for 2018, more than 125,000 hopefuls applied for the job. Yet less than 1% of them will be chosen – compared to a 5.1% acceptance rate at Harvard in 2016 – and that comes after submitting an application, conducting a video interview, coming in for face-to-face interviews and completing eight weeks of rigorous training at Delta’s Atlanta headquarters.  Becoming a flight attendant is harder than getting into Harvard

Flight attendants have over 20 Essential skills

Being a Cabin Crew Member can be very exciting and glamorous; what other career path allows you to travel and work at the same time? But to be a successful flight attendant you must have the skills, personality and look to fit the description. Flight attendant skills

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