Are you embarrassed that you are a book lover who loves the earth? Why not take a green literary vacation?

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Green Travel Benefits

Finding enjoyment with a vacation that offers extra benefits is the best part of Eco-Friendly travel. You’re probably a green traveler if you want more meaningful, challenging, and adventurous experiences in your travels with sensitivity and responsibility for the environment and the local cultures.

I consider myself Eco-Friendly since I like to find new ways to explore more of the world and feel that I’m helping and not damaging the environment. So, I decided to explore the possibilities of combining my environmental site with my literary interests and thought about literary travel.

Why Literary Travel

I rummaged around and found Frommers’ Literary Travel article that explains the long history of literary travel as a cultural and green way to spend time with your favorite authors.

What is Literary Tourism?

Ancient Greece literary tours started with Herodotus novels

Literary tourism is the practice of visiting cities and sites related to works of fiction and their authors. For the book lover combining books with a travel plan offer a dream that makes bibliophile elated. Literary tourism is by no means a recent occurrence. Visiting literary site started several centuries ago.



An interest in traveling to places associated with poets and novelists grew in the 19th century when according to historical accounts, curious travelers began visiting the homes, graves and favorite haunts of famous writers. Travelers also visited the sites and cities described in famous poems and novels. During this time, Stratford, England was memorialized for Shakespeare, while Abbotsford, England, was venerated for Sir Walter Scott.  Haworth England is known as the Bronte sisters’ home.

Who is the Literary Eco-Friendly Traveler?

We Cross the boundaries between literature and cultural studies since literary tourism invites readers to make fictional experiences come alive. Literary tourism enables travelers to immerse themselves in the local culture while increasing their knowledge about authors and literature.  Many cities cater to the tastes of this specialized group of travelers by creating walking and cycling tours of famous writers’ homes, the places where they wrote, and taverns they may have visited.

How to take a literary vacation.

I found a pleasant family trip for that offers something for everyone. Pack your bags and head to England to spend a week in Jane Austen’s world with a visit to Chawton Great House and Chawton Cottage. You can explore the unique habitat of the moors, passing Haworth and many places of interest to lovers of the three Brontë sisters literary works. The scenic Lake District includes a visit to Beatrix Potters’ Hilltop.

Lynott Tours might have your next grand family trip ready and suited for you. You’ll have eight days of adventure and inspiration.

Looking for more literary tours?

Check out the following of a variety of literary tours and visits.


If you go on one of these fantastic literary tours, please drop me a note and let me about your adventure. 

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