Discover the lasting magic of the Vikings

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Don’t you find it difficult living in the 21st century to imagine the worldview of the Vikings teeming with an array of spiritual beings? At the same time doesn’t the fleeting emptiness of our high tech create a desire for mysterious Norse’s otherworldly mix of powerful creatures with gods, goddesses, giants, and elves.

And who wouldn’t want to wander in the other world of Yggdrasil and the Nine Worlds?

 And Hangout with:

The Norse Gods and Goddesses

The elves

Discover nature’s secret’s with:

Land Spirits

Run for cover from the:


Well, it possible for you to visit the ancient ruins and maybe encounter some of the mystery and magic just check out the following choices to discover the Norse magic.

Join the Long Ship and plan your journey to Norse Land.


Thefairytraveler offers Viking heritage sites in Norway to add to your bucket list of adventures.

Terri Mapes tells you how to  follow the Vikings in Scandinavia

Wanderlust helps you discover your inner Norse with 8 amazing Viking experiences around the world.

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