How can authors create great characters? Read children’s book.

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All writers and readers know that characters have to come alive and give readers an emotional thrill that stays with them long after they close the book. They relish characters that they can feel in their heart and soul.







Are you in a flat character slump and want to create living characters that readers crave?  Here’s a tip for you from a renowned writing coach and best-selling author.




Sol Stein’s suggestion in his excellent book How to Grow a Novel – The most common mistakes writers make and how to overcome them.  In his  Chapter Five, Characters Who Are Characters he mentions, “One notices people that stand out in a crowd. That is exactly the kind of character you want for your novel.”

Are you looking for help to write characters that come alive, and readers love. Take time and read children’s books.  Mr. Stein suggests. “You’ll meet characters more extravagant than those you’ll find in adult fiction.

Take time to read a few children’s books, stop and savor the characters you meet, and take those feelings and impressions to improve your flat characters. When you return to your characters, follow Mr. Stein’s recommendation and replace ordinariness with the freshness and wildness that inhabits children’s books.



And finally, to take you back to the joy of children’s books pause and view this literary journey to beloved children’s literature homes in New England.

Children’s Literary visit to New England writer’s homes.

Best wishes for luck with creating memorable characters.



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