How Tweens Can Have A Magical Halloween without Goblins and Ghosts

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Duke and Daisy are thinking about tweens this Halloween. Since tweens are still kids and love Halloween, Duke and Daisy understand that their ideas about celebrating Halloween may be changing so they set out to find ways for tweens to celebrate Halloween.

Duke and Daisy think tweens like Halloween because they can dress up as something they admire or aspire to become.

In case they want to know, the history of wearing costumes began. The trends started with a Celtic festival to celebrate the autumn equinox and the winter solstice. Then the tradition moves on a few centuries to the modern-day practice of dressing up and trick or treat.

Duke and Daisy want your tweens to have a safe, fun, and magical Halloween so they set out on a Halloween adventure to explore ways to celebrate the spooky season.

Here’s what they found to give tweens, just the right thrills, tingles, and excitement.

Scary Books are an excellent place to stay home, stay safe with some hair-raising stories.

Nightmares! Series

by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller, illustrated by Karl Kwasny

Charlie’s nightmares begin after he moves into his new stepmom’s old, creepy house with his dad and little brother, Jack. He tries to avoid sleeping to avoid the nightmares, but, eventually, his eyes close, and he drifts into terrible dreams. The nightmares come to life when Jack is kidnapped, and Charlie finds himself on a terrifying mission that takes him into the dream world to save his brother. And so begins this delightful, spooky, oftentimes hilarious series written by actor Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller, with super cool illustrations by Karl Kwasny.



The Haunting of Henry Davis by Kathryn Siebel

Henry’s the new boy at school, but you might count him as two. You see, quiet loner Henry Davis is haunted by a ghost named Edgar. Barbara Anne wants to help Henry — and Edgar, too — so the unlikely friends embark on a mission to find out who Edgar was, why he’s haunting Henry, and what he needs to move on to the other side. Compulsively readable, this modern ghost story has all the fixings of a great Halloween read.






Where the Woods End by Charlotte Salter

For slightly older readers ready for some fangs and frights, Where the Woods End is a wildly entertaining ride full of dark fairy-tale elements. In Kestrel’s world, every time a baby is born so is a Grabber — beasts who stalk their counterpoints throughout their lives, until they finally attack and devour them. Kestrel’s mother is a powerful spell-caster, and she wants Kestrel to use her huntress skills to pick off the Grabbers. But Kestrel’s own Grabber lies in wait, and Kestrel’s mother may be putting her daughter in danger for nefarious reasons.



Play some spooky, mysterious, and chilling games with friends.

The shocking case of Mystery Manor by Andrew West

8 girls are suspects up to 20 can play

Plot: It’s Minnie’s 13th birthday party, and as an extra special 13th birthday party celebration her parents have booked the Mystery Manor! Not only that but, there are rumors that the famed magician Penny Vanish, daughter of the late Merlin Vanish and owner of the Manor is expected to give an outstanding performance at the big 13th birthday dance. But as the party celebration begins, a series of mysterious events unfold!

As the clock struck midnight, early this morning, an explosion woke the people staying in Mystery Manor. Moments later came to a horrible scream. Everybody ran to the main ballroom where they saw Minerva (everyone calls her Minnie) Maxson, illuminated by a shaft of moonlight, completely frozen in fear.

A big hole was discovered in the huge conservatory’s glass roof with its many large trees and plants. Several windows were broken. Small droplets of blood led into the yard.

Minnie’s 13th birthday party should have been the highlight of her year. Her parents had booked Mystery Manor on this night before the big birthday dance. As a present, her Aunt Teresa had paid for the event and was there to escort the party. Magician Penny Vanish, owner of the Manor and daughter of the late Merlin Vanish, was also scheduled to give a special performance at the big birthday dance.

Minnie remained silent, her eyes seemingly fixed open. Nobody was able to attract her attention.

The big birthday dance is due to take place tonight, but it cannot possibly go ahead until the mystery is solved. There are rumors of arguments among the guests. Some say the adults are hiding more than a few secrets.

What happened to Minnie? Somebody knows. How is it linked to the incident in the conservatory? Minnie’s parents have called in a team of investigators. Moments after their arrival, Penny revealed that she had seen a girl in the yard, just moments after the explosion. A girl covered in scratches.


Escape the Room:
Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor

Up to 10

Problem Solving

A Mysterious, Interactive Party Game

What are “Escape the Room” games?  Escape the Room games began as digital adventures and quickly turned into real-life events worldwide where players are locked in a room and must uncover clues and hidden objects to escape. ThinkFun’s version of Escape the Room allows you to bring all the excitement of these experiences into your very own home!

The Mystery:
It’s 1869 and the town’s well-respected astronomer has not been seen since the untimely passing of his wife. Recently, strange things have been happening at his manor – loud and unfamiliar noises, an unpleasant smell, and smoke billowing from the observatory. It’s up to you and your guests to solve the mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor!

The Objective:
Spend an evening working with your guests to solve puzzles, unlock hidden clues, and unravel the mystery of the Stargazer’s Manor. Will you and your guests be able to solve the mystery and save the astronomer before time runs out?

Gather a group of friends for a cool, free, mystery party.

Coolest Free Mystery Sample Story

This free mystery party sample story is a small part of our whole Mystery Party theme. Make sure to check it out for lots of free printables and loads of free mystery party ideas.

The coolest kids created a Mystery party sample story for you to get an idea of how to set up such a party. You can use this story and change details, add or delete characters, change the setting, etc.

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