8 Reasons Why You Need to Read

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Is your hectic daily life robbing you of a more fulfilling and enriching life?


There’s a simple solution to get on the road to better health and overall improved well-being. It’s simple; just start reading.

Reading is essential, and its value can’t be overestimated for both adults and children. It might quickly help you develop your own way of thinking and point of view; it gives you endless knowledge on various topics (depending on what you like and choose) and broadens your horizons while keeping your mind active and entertained. In addition, reading helps you learn faster, sharpen your perception skills, and understand the world and its people better – in short, reading can simply make you smarter. It significantly expands your vocabulary and hones your thinking skills, improving focus and concentration, and critical thinking.


But before you start preparing a reading list, here are some significant reasons to read.












Now you’re ready to start reading, but sigh and wonder how you can fit reading into your hectic life. The best short books: all of these are under 100 pages.



That’s why I found 15 books of less than 100 words with fantastic stories and novellas that you can gorge on in their entirety in just one afternoon, meaning even the most time-poor amongst us can add a couple of ticks to that must-read list.

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