Looking for a happy family Christmas experience? Start with a Polar Express train trip.

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Why not start a new family Christmas tradition this year by embarking on the magical train trip with Santa and his crew of helpers? Where do you find this family tradition? Start with the officially licensed The Polar Express train rides. These rides grew from the popular Warner Brothers Pictures release of The Polar Express film in November 2004. Many of you know The Polar Express is a children’s book written and illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg and published by Houghton Mifflin in 1985.

Five reasons why you need a vacation to walk in the woods

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After you peruse the following wonders of forests and their numerous benefits and you’ll be ready to plan your next vacation walking in the woods.

Improved health and wellbeing


Discover why the Japanese love “Forest Bathing” or Shinrin-Yoku. It’s the amazing practice of wandering in the woods to improve health and wellbeing. And it’s free and will save lots of costly visits to doctors to repair poor health.

Find out why the chosen few loved highflying in the 1960s with its glamor and safety.

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In the 1960s only the elite few could savor the glamor of the mile-high life. Even the stewardess selected to proffer this glamor were among the privileged few to travel in style. In 1967, TWA boasted that it accepted less than three percent of its applicants. In comparison, Harvard’s acceptance rate today is five percent.





What are flight attendant’s five meaningful life lessons from 30,000 feet?

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Flight attendants, formerly known as stewardess have a passion for travel to different countries and places around the globe. And they do love meeting people from different areas and ways of life. The next time you board a plane, please take a second to look at these people who serve, smile, and help you from the beginning of your flight until you land. While you’re flying at 30,000 feet, these flight attendants may become your life saver. So sit back, relax, and smile at them. They’ll welcome your friendliness and reward you with extra special care while you fly through the sky. It’s incredible how much you can learn about life way up there in the air.

What was 1960s and 1970s stewardess style in the sky like?

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The stewardess was born in 1930 when Boeing Air Transport hired eight nurses to add a feeling of safety for concerned fliers. Since the newly minted airline hostess’s primary role was to give reassurance to the passengers, their uniforms were drab gray and looked like nurses outfits.







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