How did the 1970s change air travel forever?

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Big winds of social revolutions and innovation brought winds of change to air travel.

Stewardesses fought back and became flight attendants.

It started when the1968, federal courts struck down the rules forbidding marriage and age requirements, for stewardesses. This action skyrocketed the momentum that zoomed into the 1970s with two major landmark changes for airline flight crews. Under pressure, rules against flight attendants being pregnant were withdrawn by most airlines. A major significant change in a landmark 1971 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that airlines could not discriminate against men after Celio Diaz Jr. who claimed his two applications for Pan Am were rejected on the basis of gender.

What about the Jet Set age of travel? Hop on board and relive the Jet Age.

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Get away from the hectic 21st century and time travel back to the carefree 1960s and enjoy your flight.





Passengers were well heeled and famous

If you were one of the lucky few to board a Boeing 707, you’d feel like a movie star. Air travel’s image was glamor and excitement. It was for the rich and famous. And movies at that time reflected that glamor.

Enjoy air travel with a 1950s stewardess.

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Welcome aboard.

When passengers boarded the plane; a stewardess would greet everyone and hand them a postcard. Since flying was so rare passengers felt compelled to document every moment on postcards with pictures of the plane or in-flight meal, to show their less lucky loved ones what the newfangled experience was like.

Hang on to your hat – Turbulence could snap your neck.

Since pistons powered commercial planes, not jet engines, the engines’ sound blasted, and their vibrations bumped like crazy in turbulence. It was common to ground planes when the turbulence got too intense.

Hop on board and continue your flight with stewardesses in post WWII

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Post-WWII gave us advanced airplanes and a booming economy. This combination lured tens of thousands of passengers like you aloft. Along with the growth in air travel, the rules of the business had changed. Ticket prices were government-regulated since most airlines flew the same planes, airlines sought new ways to compete. The basis of competition became upscale service and impeccable stewardesses.

What happened to stewardesses and air travel during WWII?

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During WWII, commercial air travel came to a halt and gave way to flying limited aircraft designed to serve the war effort. WWII also brought changes for the stewardess.

When the second world war began in 1939, female stewardesses with their nursing skills left the airlines to offer their healing skills in the military. This exit opened the door to hire non-nurses for work as stewardesses.






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