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The Legend of The Whispering Trees

Samantha has won awards!

Follow Samantha, a young violin virtuoso, as she leaves her luxury high-rise life to enter a world of self-discovery. Until now, Samantha has spent most of her fourteen years in a cloistered, disciplined life practicing and playing her violin. Her journey starts when a dog entices her to an arboretum that opens to a lush forest.

In this wondrous woodland, Samantha finds the world of Tressi, a remarkable twelve-old girl, and Ralph, a very large white rabbit. Tressi and Ralph explain to Samantha the complexities and mysteries of trees and their importance to people. With the help of forest gnomes, they weave a story of legends and myths.

Sharing their world of trees with Samantha, they show her how to look inside herself to find her own magic. Samantha's musical creativity is enriched as she experiences nature and its ways of helping her experience all her senses.


Tressi's Ten Tips

To Get Kids Outdoors and Love Nature

Tressi has won an award!

This unique book that offers ten handy how-to-explore nature activities that children will love to do. All of the activities emphasize concern for children's safety with helpful tips that are clear and concise guides to a safe time outdoors.

A wide range of activities includes: invigorating games, natural crafts to help stimulate creativity and imagination, and lively adventures created for involvement.

Additionally, these two unique activities will spark the children's interest: Integration of iPads and iPhone nature apps in some activities Instructions to show children how they can analyze their personality from their own tree drawing