15 magical places to visit for the new year


Maybe you have a dream of wizards, sorcerers, hobbits, and goblins. You may think this is stuff of fairy-tales, but you can bring magic to life! Isn’t this what you want?  A vacation that will transport to you a new place?





Travel and make-believe certainly go hand in hand.

Still looking for a wonderful holiday vacation? How about a visit to Scotland?

Why Scotland, particularly Edinburgh?EdinburgeScotland poster

Why Go: In this Scottish gem known for its widespread arts and theater culture, a holiday light show includes fireworks illuminating the sky from Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse. Bagpipes playing “Amazing Grace” around the Sir Walter Scott Monument serve even better than carolers.

Edinburgh Castle



Where to Stay: Fireplaces are continuously rekindled at the baronial Balmoral. The Caledonian in Edinburgh is Scotland’s answer to the Plaza and equally as opulent.

Three Countries for a Scandinavian Christmas Vacation

Are you thinking about a Christmas in Scandinavia?

Here are some  places to visit.





Would you like to experience local Christmas traditions in Scandinavia? While they may share some seasonal customs, all Scandinavian countries have individual beliefs and their own unique ways of celebrating the holidays.

Three wonderful holiday countries

Lapland, Finland

Why Go:

How to enjoy a New York vacation as a literary lover

It’s time for a New York City Vacation


Algonquin Table legendary writers

Why is New York a beacon that shines around the world to draw writers to harvest ideas from all its creative prompts?

Is it for the colorful characters?New York People

Is it for the evocative settings?

Time Square

Is it for random experiences?