My love of travel started at 3 years old when I boarded Union Pacific railroad trains. My father was a railroad employee so had free passages. On my first trip to California at 3, my mother frantically searched for me and found me three train cars away from our train car. There I stood, visiting with passengers in my pajamas. My love of trains is still with me and Paul Simon reflects my feelings with his quote: “There’s something about the sound of a train that’s very romantic and nostalgic and hopeful.” At 20 my love of travel evolved from the train tracks to the sky at the peak of the Jet Age. I hopped on United Airlines planes and continued to walk up and down the aisle to visit with passengers. However, not in my pajamas. From flying in the sky and to landing on the ground. I still believe in this quote:” Let your dreams take flight.” And my dreams now are to share stories with you about planes and trains.