To Get Kids Outdoors and Love Nature

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Published by: Cypress Productions,LLC
Release Date: November 17, 2014
Pages: 124
ISBN13: 978-0980189117



A great book for children to share with parents, teachers, and older brothers and sisters packed with helpful tips to engage and connect them to nature.

From gigantic national forests to the local park in your town to your own backyard, nature is all around us. Join Tressi as she shows children (with a little help from grown-ups!) ten great activities to get outside and back into nature.

Inside, you'll find creative activities, such as:
-Crafting a personal nature journal
-Drawing a tree to discover your personality traits
-Hiking ideas and how to look at the natural world around you - from the biggest trees to the tiniest bugs
-Recycling program or even organizing a tree-planting event to learn how you can help the environment

Additionally, this unique activity will spark the children's interest:
-Integration of iPads and iPhone nature apps in some activities

Whether you're looking to gain an appreciation for the outdoors or to find new activities while outside, there's something for everyone in Tressi's Ten Tips to Get Kids Outdoors and Love Nature.