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How to escape that dreaded cabin fever.

It’s that time of the year with the winter wind’s gust brings snow and frosty temperatures. And all you desire is to wrap yourself in a warm woolen blanket and wait for the first flowers of spring to blossom under the warm sun. You can’t hibernate all winter. It’s terrible for your health.    …

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Five reasons why you need a vacation to walk in the woods

  After you peruse the following wonders of forests and their numerous benefits and you’ll be ready to plan your next vacation walking in the woods. Improved health and wellbeing   Discover why the Japanese love “Forest Bathing” or Shinrin-Yoku. It’s the amazing practice of wandering in the woods to improve health and wellbeing. And…

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Does literary travel encourage children to read?

“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Saint Augustine After you’ve explored this post, I think you’ll agree that taking children to the location of best-loved children’s author and sharing the books them does inspire children to love reading. With so many new interactive e-books, apps based…

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Best 3 road trips on the historic Route 40 to take this summer

ARE WE THERE YET?  The Golden Age of American Family Vacations By Susan Sessions Rugh Sue Kovach’s washingtonpost review of Susan Sessions Rugh book, “ARE WE THERE YET! The Golden Age of American Family Vacations” begins with a prompt to recall the by gone era of road trips. ‘Mention “family vacation” to a baby boomer…

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Enjoy some summer freedom on the Outer Banks Route 12

Answer the call of the open road this summer where you get away for the hectic, depleting summer travel woes of air travel. Why not head to North Carolina and travel Route 12 in the Outer Banks. With its 80-mile beach drive full of variety that will eliminate the boredom that comes most road trips.…

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Why is a cruise on the Amazon River a trip of a lifetime?

Here are some of the reasons to add an Amazon River cruise on the top of your travel list: The region’s amazing biodiversity since the vast Amazon River is the second-longest river the moves across the continent of South America as it passes through Brazil, Colombia, and Peru.           More than a…

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