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Archive for October 2012

Is an Eco-Friendly vacation really good and green?

         Green travelers are a special group, who look for adventure and meaning in their vacation. Green travelers take their Eco-Friendly good intention on their journeys to and during their stays in Eco-locations. They want to promote natural ecosystem conservation and biodiversity that also supports local communities and economies. It’s no argument that Eco-Friendly travelers…

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Six things to consider for your Eco–Friendly vacation

Are you planning an Eco-Friendly trip? Eco-Friendly is a green travel. Green travelers consider themselves responsible travelers who look for business, tour operators, and transportation methods that preserve the local environment and give to the local community. Here’s a helpful checklist to use as you plan your Eco-Friendly trip.     Checklist 1. Types of…

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Slow down and enjoy your vacation

  Slow Travel Helps You Immerse Yourself in Your Trip We live in a world where getting multiple tasks done fast is the norm. A contrary trend offers a response to our sometimes empty, fast paced lives. It’s “slow travel.” We’re stressed by modern travel, economic downturn, and a lack for sustainability. We need to…

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Volunteer vacations give you a real adventure

Want adventure in your vacation?   We choose vacations for many reasons from stress reduction to rejuvenation. Maybe you’re like me. After taking what you’d hoped would be great vacation you’re left feeling empty and can’t remember the why or where you went.       So more and more of us are looking for…

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