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Archive for March 2013

Want to take a literary walk through England and beyond?

For centuries, literature inspired people to travel. Even today, aren’t there books that make you want to see the places that inspired the author to write them. Literary tours probably started in the fifth century B.C. with the Greek writer and historian Herodotus in his seminal work The Histories, which features magical accounts of ancient…

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9 train trips to take once in a lifetime

Trains, trains, and more trains. In the recent blog post, we’ve looked at trains as an Eco-Friendly way to enjoy a vacation and help the planet. Now let’s take a look at some luxury trains that, if you can, you’ll might add one or more these train trips on your bucket list of life’s pleasures…

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10 reason to take an Eco-Friendly Family Train Trip

If your family wants to enjoy a green lifestyle, you might find this enjoyable for your next family vacation. Instead of that family car trip, you might want to take a train vacation this summer. Trains are one of best examples of Eco-Friendly public transportation. Trains are able to move a large number of people…

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Four Eco-Friendly reasons to take a train trip through Switzerland

If you think green, think Switzerland. It’s one of the world’s most environmentally conscious countries, and that no doubt explains why train travel there is so Eco-friendly. Since trains are more energy-efficient per passenger mile than planes or cars. And trains are less damaging to the environment than airplanes because train emissions are not released…

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