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Archive for July 2014

Let’s continue with the family storybook vacation in Germany

Last week we started an exciting family storybook vacation in the magical world of the brothers Grimm’s fairy tale road. Appropriately,  the first place on the journey and birth place of the Brother’s Grimm started in Hanau in the state of Hesse. Now the adventure in the magical land of the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale…

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Why take a family storybook vacation.

Where will you find this storybook vacation? You’ll find in it Germany on the Brother Grimm’s Fairy Tale Road. Get ready for a journey from Hanau to Bremen to the land of the Brother’s Grimm. In the early 19th century, Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm traveled throughout Germany from town to town where the people in…

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Six steps to do before taking a Glamping tent vacation

Filling a gap between roughing it in a tent or bringing your own RV, yurts are the popular Glamping alternative in campgrounds worldwide. Vacationing in a yurt provides the perfect amount of rustic experience, particularly for those new to the outdoors, without the hassle of setting up your own bedroom for the night. Since a…

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