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Archive for May 2013

Why take an eco-Friendly adventure vacation in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara for the ecotourist Santa Barbara loves the color green with the its twelve parks, hundreds of trees and immense range of open space. But there’s more—let’s take a look at the reasons why Santa Barbara is a celebrated Ecoptia. It’s a community that holds a long-term record in the preservation of their natural…

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How Eco-Friendly foodies find travel adventures

Do you love new cuisine experiences? Do you seek out travel that offers adventure? But, do you want cuisine experiences and adventures that will help sustain and preserve earth’s beauty? Then a culinary eco-tourism is just the ticket for you. Its goal is to educate and inspire food and wine enthusiasts while it gives them…

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Make your Eco-Friendly vacation lasting with photography workshops

If you’re Eco-Friendly, you’re a responsible traveler who wants to visit places on this planet that we all want to preserve for their natural, cultural, and environmental beauty. You may already be a photographer who takes beautiful pictures that capture these places for everyone to enjoy; to either inspire others to visit these locales or…

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