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How to write a mystery like Agatha Christie.

Calling all mystery writers who dream of writing a classic like Murder on the Orient Express.               First, it helps if you are struggling with personal traumas.  It could be childhood traumas or adult traumas. You may have a simmering life incident that hangs around.  Now it’s time to stop…

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Check out the first stewardesses' highflying experiences.

  “Aviation is proof that given, the will, we have the capacity to achieve the impossible.”  Eddie Rickenbacker       Ellen Church succeeded. Boeing Air Transport, the predecessor of United Airlines agreed to hire eight women, conditionally, for a three-month experiment. The country’s first stewardesses journey began on May 15, 1930, when Church and…

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How to experience the allure of trains in literature.

Trains are more than a mode of transportation. Pick up many great novels and discover that trains are the symbols and themes of the books. Trains as symbols in literature give stories depth.  Trains are a place where people accidentally meet, go their separate ways, take the time to think, work on something, and even…

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