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Archive for November 2014

Three Countries for a Scandinavian Christmas Vacation

Are you thinking about a Christmas in Scandinavia? Here are some  places to visit.   Would you like to experience local Christmas traditions in Scandinavia? While they may share some seasonal customs, all Scandinavian countries have individual beliefs and their own unique ways of celebrating the holidays. Three wonderful holiday countries Lapland, Finland Why Go:…

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How to enjoy a New York vacation as a literary lover

  Why is New York a beacon that shines around the world to draw writers to harvest ideas from all its creative prompts? Is it for the colorful characters? Is it for the evocative settings? Is it for random experiences? It’s really the sum of all these elements that make New York a great place for…

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20 Trains trips for awesome vacations

Of course, we know that trains are a type of pubic transportation. And we know that trains are able to move a large number of people at one time. The best thing about trains is that they are environmentally friendly. This is true, because even though trains are full of people, they do no pollute…

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