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Archive for March 2014

Why  does a slow travel vacation make you feel so good?

Have you ever come home from a vacation feeling more exhausted than you were before you left? Many of us live hectic, stressful lives, and the frantic pace only continues while we’re on a trip as we rush from one tourist attraction to another. But there’s a grassroots movement that has quietly emerged as a…

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Are you looking for an interesting volunteer vacation?

Do you want a vacation where you can recharge, refresh, and revise your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being? And do you also want a vacation that benefits the world around you. The answer to your quest is a Volunteer Vacation. To find these vacations you can travel across the country or around the world…

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Trends in glamping make campers happy

Exploring Eco-Friendly Travel Trends. Eco-friendly travel creates new trends. Glamping is a trend that is found in all parts of the world and all price ranges. Many of us love nature and want to fight to keep it pristine, but we still want a clean bed, a warm bath or shower and maybe a gourmet…

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Are you ready for a hiking vacation?

You are, if you want to keep or improve your health and well being.   Here are the top benefits for hiking. Increased energy Hiking gives you extra oxygen and fuel to provide a boost that strengthens your muscles and lungs. Continued hiking increases endurance, alertness, and energy level. Burns Calories A regular hiking regimen…

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