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What is time travel?

Time travel fiction involves characters exploring the past or the future. This usually involves a time-travel device of some kind, making these stories part of the science fiction genre, although this is not always the case. The genre was pioneered by British writer H.G. Wells’ 1895 novel The Time Machine. The perpetual one-way nature of time makes the topic endlessly fascinating to many people. Time travel fiction includes many popular novels, movies, and comic books.

Why are time travel books so popular?

Whether the kid in your life is a fan of realistic stories or science-fiction tales, books with an element of time travel often hold broad appeal because they tap into a universal curiosity — learning what life was like in the past (or will be like in the future). In some cases, time travel alters the course of our personal history.


  Time Travel  benefits from Middle Grade to Grownups

Reading time travel novels for children expands their vocabulary since they are exposed to new vocabulary.

A larger vocabulary also encourages them to have exciting conversations since the time travel novels take them to a new level from reading time travel novels that might connect with events that are happening in today’s world.

The biggest reward is they are motivated to read more since time travel novels foster their imagination with the vision of other places and other times.

By expanding your views, you expand your reality.

Time Travel Novels for Tweens

Tween Time Travel is an Exciting Science Fiction/Fantasy Genre Where The Plot Possibilities Are Truly Endless And They Can Sometimes Be As Educational As They Are Entertaining.

Time Travel Novels for Adults

Adult time travel novels. Because time is what we care about, time rules our lives. Time creates possibilities for us and terminates possibilities for us. We struggle with it every day of our lives and more and more now than ever in the past. So, it’s natural for us to turn to these stories to look for some insight or just to get some relief from a difficult reality.

Personal Time Travel

As a fan of time travel, I choose to write a time travel middle-grade novel :

Eleven-year-old Abigail slips into a magical forest to find peace from the conflicts and issues with her quest to solve her ancestral history. She encounters Sego a white buffalo, who escaped from a zoo to find a way to fulfill his sacred mission. Attempting to help the young girl and white buffalo is a railroad engineer, Gabriel, a St. Bernard dog. His ineptitude and engineering skills take the two on a magic time travel back to revise Wild West History/ On the train named Ursula Pensell the two adventures change the actions of buffalo killers. Together Sego and Abigail team up for their return home with a new exciting mission.

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Judy Kundert

Judy Kundert, a recipient of the Marquis Who’s Who Excellence in Authorship award, loves storytelling, from folk and fairy tales to classics for elementary school children. She authors award-winning middle-grade novels designed to inspire and intrigue children. After she left her career as a United Airlines stewardess, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Loyola University, Chicago and a Master of Arts from DePaul University, Chicago. Most recently, she completed a master’s Certificate in Public Relations and Marketing from the University of Denver. For fun, she likes reading (usually three or four books at a time), watching movies from the oldies to the current films, traveling, biking, and hiking in vast Colorado outdoors with her husband. Learn more at www.judykundert.com.You can find me at the foot of the Colorado Rocky Mountains hiking, biking

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