What's so good about luxury camping in Wyoming and Montana?

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For starters, luxury camping is Glamping.

Eco-friendly travel creates new trends. Glamping is one trend that is growing in all parts of the world and all price ranges. Many of us love nature and want to fight to keep it pristine, but we still want a clean bed, a warm bath or shower and maybe a gourmet mral to fill our tummies after day hiking in the woods. We even want to sleep next to the trees separated with only a luxury canvas tent and hope that the bears don’t join us for a night’s sleep? Isn’t it nice to enjoy luxury and nature at the same time? And it’s Eco-Friendly.

Why Glamping?

It’s Ecologically Friendly:

With Glamping, less is more. Glamping doesn’t require construction and management. It’s accommodations use the surrounding element of nature.

For example, it may include: composting toilets, solar power, and working gardens. 

You Can’t Get Any Closer to Nature:

Glamping lets you connect with and experience nature. It lets you escape the bustle and noise of the city and sameness of the suburbs. It provides a place to relax and recharge.

The Adventures are Endless:

The choices range from hiking, mountain biking, white water rafting, canoeing, and animal watching to luxury hotel and resorts with outdoor sleeping accommodations to wine tasting. There’s such a variety places and activities. From Norway, where you can stay in yurt-style accommodations that place you in the best mountain biking terrain in the world to The United States with luxury camping sites in some of it’s most breathtaking national parks. The adventures continue and are as vast as the big sky.

And this brings us to: What’s so good about Wyoming and Montana for luxury camping?


What’s so good about it?

With its snowcapped peaks, lush valleys and wide rivers welcome visitors to the Last Best Place. Even though, Montana’s Big Sky Country is sparsely populated, it’s an extremely popular tourist destination. Its main attractions are Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks and the towering Rocky Mountains. And some of the finest Glamping sites in the country are located in Montana. Best of all it offers endless outdoor activities all seasons of the year.

Tourist information:

For more tourist information, please see VisitMT.

Glamping in Montana:

Montana Glamping suggestion:

Ranch at Rock Creek

theranchatrockcreek  (“Ranch”) comprises more than 6,600 acres (or approximately 10 square miles) of ranchland nestled at the base of the John Long Mountains and encompassing four miles of river frontage along Rock Creek. The Ranch borders the Deer Lodge National Forest with views of the Flint Creek Range to the east.

You’ll find a peaceful, natural environment for your enjoyment, since the Ranch likes to keep motorized travel to a minimum. Instead, they encourage guests to enjoy Montana’s fresh air and “Big Sky” by walking to and from activities. In addition, the Ranch provides a mountain bike to each guest upon arrival.



What’s so good about it?

Rugged mountains, rolling foothills, and high plains form the majority of the landscape of the Cowboy State. Wyoming is unique with a massive plateau separated by mountain ranges. Its arid and windy climate supports some of the most spectacular national parks and monuments in the United States. Glampers can enjoy luxury camping at its best, with deluxe safari tents and cabins, spending cool nights snuggled next to a roaring fire, and gazing at the stars in a seemingly infinite sky.

Tourist information:

For more tourist information, please visit wyomingtourism.

Glamping in Wyoming:

Wyoming Glamping suggestions:

Fireside Resort, Jackson Hole

firesideresortjacksonhole is a nature lodging experience with luxury summer and ski cabins. The cabins are understated, with simplified luxury.

Of course there’s Glamping in Yellowstone:


Yellowstone Under Canvas

mtundercanvas is just 10 minutes from Yellowstone National Park entrance with a luxury camp that offers fantastic views, a quiet, secluded location, an onsite restaurant, and a host of activities. And Yellowstone is right next-door.



Happy Luxury Camping!



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