Six things to consider for your Eco-Friendly vacation

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Okay. Are you ready to plan an Eco-Friendly vacation? Eco-Friendly is a green travel. As a green traveler you consider yourself a responsible traveler who looks for business, tour operators, and transportation methods that preserve the local environment and contribute to the local community. Here’s a helpful checklist to use as you plan your Eco-Friendly trip.




      Types of Transportation:

                  Walking and cycling during your trip

                  Public transportation

                  Renting hybrid vehicles

                  Train travel whenever possible


       Offsets an environmental policy:

               Calculate and offset the trips’ carbon dioxide


Spent locally:

Buy from locally owned business

Use tours and lodges that employ locals


Environmental conservation:

        Choose trips with conservation efforts

        to enhance natural integrity of tourist sites


Respect the local culture:

         Accept the difference of other cultures

         Learn their customs and social norms

         Speak their language whenever possible


Natural Resource Use:

         Reduce, reuse, and recycle

                  Things to consider about your potential tour operators and lodging establishments for:

                 It’s efficient use of water, energy, and building materials and

                 It’s method of waste disposal



You may find the following list of sources a good place to look for details and help in planning your Eco-Friendly vacation.

greenloons.com101carbonoffset provides an explanation of carbon offsets.





IndependentTraveler provides an extensive resource of green travel and lodging resources





Sustainabletrip provides a source of Rainforest Alliance approve sustainable destinations.







GreenGlobeTravel is a extensive source that may  help you find the best sustainable tourism resorts, hotels, conference centers, attractions, or tour experience.




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