Best 11 ways to enjoy the experiences of the happiest country in the world in your home

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In 2012 the United Nations started to report on the quality of life for citizens around the world. The same 13 countries dominated the top of the list. Out of these thirteen countries, Denmark gained the 1st place each year. The United Nations determined the quality of life for citizens around the world through surveys and data analysis. The analysis found that the happiest countries possess a winning formula of good governance, strong sense of community, respect for fellow citizens, and general high quality of life.

If you’re inspired to live like the world’s happiest country, but can’t travel there here are some suggestions to make your home a happy Danish home.

The first step in the making you home a happy place is to have a change in mindset. Revamp your approach to the long cold winters. Stop plodding through the cold dark chill of the snowy, icy season and discover and embrace along the attitude of hygge. What is hygge? Roughly translated, hygge is a Danish word that means cozy. For the Danes, it’s a sensibility of warmth, of togetherness, intimacy, and well-being.

How you can you have hygge at home.

Hygge is more than a cozy room full of candles, company, and good food. Hygge is a philosophy. It’s a way of life, which helped Danes understand the importance of simplicity. In our hectic, tech wired lives; it offers time to unwind and slow down the pace of life. Hygge originated in Denmark, but you can practice Hygge at home!

11 ways to enjoy the Hygge experience in your home

Get the right lighting

Hygge lighting is about creating a warmer light that feels cozy and comforting instead of harsh. Decorate your space with lamps (which don’t have to be expensive) and warm white bulbs. Fairy lights are also a winner.






Create a hygge corner

A hygge corner is a space in your house that feels like the perfect little cozy nook. Fill it with cushions, blankets, low lighting, and anything else that makes it snug. Best uses for this comfy corner are reading, journaling, or meditating.





Make a winter reading list









Invite friends and family round

Getting together with friends in a small and cozy scale is the center of hygge. Danes make their cold long Denmark winters, into wonderful time to stay home and socialize at each other’s houses. A hygge get together is about simple but good food.






Indulge in sweet treats

The hygge factor is also a time to enjoy cake, pastries, and cookies factor into hygge!







Join the slow food movement

Take a full afternoon to cook or bake is very hygge because cooking can be so relaxing and nourishing.




Drink coffee

There must be something good about coffee since Danes are Europe’s biggest coffee drinkers. The benefits of coffee drinking are many. Some of them are: coffee can improve energy levels and make you smarter; coffee can help burn fat, and coffee may lower risk of Type II Diabetes.




Cozy up with soft furnishings

Awaken your senses and treat yourself to some new cushions and a blanket. If you can do it’s best to have them made with natural materials like wool.






Start a new tradition with friends or family

Start a new social connection tradition by inviting your circle of friends to a monthly board games night.



Connect with nature

A venture into nature is a remedy to escape our technology engulfed lives. Time in nature is free, but its benefits are countless; such as reductions in stress, increased creativity, and restore mental energy.



Snuggle up in your woolies

Socks, jumpers, hats, and scarves are all hygge, the more woolies, the better for a hygge tradition.








See Hygge in its country with this  YouTube from Visit Denmark.

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