Five reasons why you need a vacation to walk in the woods

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After you peruse the following wonders of forests and their numerous benefits and you’ll be ready to plan your next vacation walking in the woods.

Improved health and wellbeing


Discover why the Japanese love “Forest Bathing” or Shinrin-Yoku. It’s the amazing practice of wandering in the woods to improve health and wellbeing. And it’s free and will save lots of costly visits to doctors to repair poor health.

Less stress, depression, and hostility

Numerous studies find a list of power packed health benefits gained from spending time in the forest: Reduction in psychological stress, depression, and hostility. Plus, improved sleep and increased vigor and vitality.

Less anxiety and great immune defenses

Trees are natural stress relievers. Take a whiff of a pine or other types of evergreen trees’ amazing health benefits from their phytoncides which are these trees natural compounds that reduce stress and anxiety. The compounds also boost immune defenses.

Lower blood pressure

Spending time in the forests will lower levels of cortisol (stress hormone) and lower levels of blood pressure and pulse rates.

Improve brain power

Enjoying time in wooded areas helps develop better cognitive skills and better abilities to assess risks and dangers.

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