3 magic Mediterranean islands to open a sense of wonder

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Do you ever dream of owning your own island? You can get that experience without the hassles that come with actual ownership when you visit one of these small Mediterranean islands.



Besides, the feeling of island ownership, Wise and Well explains something that helps creates wonder. It’s the discovery that the ocean increases human connectedness– Researchers have found that facing the water causes the brain to release the “awe” chemicals. These chemicals are the ones that are released when looking at something unusual. At the same time, this happens, the human brain tends to feel connected to the universe, and to those around it. Looking at the ocean with a loved one does, in fact, affect your experience with them.

Of the 189 islands In the Mediterranean, the following three might be the islands to make you feel that you own a unique island during your visit.

Which island might be your island?

Vis Croatia island

Vis Island, a small and the most remote of all the Central Dalmatian islands is the last natural paradise in the eastern Mediterranean, a perfect summer gateway.

It’s one of the last havens that for almost 50 years was a military base, and until 1989 was off limits.


  • With 50 years of total isolation, the island is untouched by a pristine nature that makes this island indeed “the Mediterranean as it once was.”
  • The island’s lack of development is an invitation as a new tourist destination for local and international travelers who seeks genuineness, unspoiled nature, gourmet delights and above all the tranquility.
  • It’s perfect for the traveler looking for a peaceful place without crowds.

For more details:

Visinfo offers:

  • Island details
  • Private accommodations
  • Maps

Croatia Week gives 10 things to check out on Vis

Zakynthos a Greek Island

Why visit this island:

  • It’s one of the seven the Ionian Islands which are a; considered splendid, cinematic paradises.
  • The waters are the bluest blue surrounded by silky and smooth sand.
  • It still like Mother Nature created it with unspoiled glory.
  • Music is a huge part of the local culture with a concert or festival almost any night of the week,

For more details:

Dave’s Travel Page is a guide of what to do in Zakynthos

Mary Sinanidis’ 5- reasons to visit Zakynthos

Levanzo an Italian island

What does this island offer?

An ancient cave

La Grotta del Genovese is definitely a point of exceptional interest to cave enthusiast, not only to Sicilians but nationally and internationally.  The cave, discovered in 1949, retains prehistoric cave art, of about 8,000 years ago.

The beaches and the sea

The color of the water with extraordinary clarity which offers clear viewing of numerous schools of fish that swim to its low depths.

Five beaches:

  1. Cala Dogana – It is the first beach that welcomes you to the island of Levanzo.
  2. Cala Fredda  -One of the most beautiful beaches not only of Levanzo but also of Egadi Archipelago.
  3. Cala Minnola  – A curiosity about the small Cala Minnola, the wildest of the island: near the beach, there are the remains of an ancient structure, which dates back to Roman times, used for fish processing.
  4. Cala Tramontana –  Two rock cliffs overlooking the sea protect this small cove, among the most famous and visited of the island. A small pebble beach is located between these two cliffs. In this area, there are several caverns and caves to explore.
  5.  Cala Faraglione of the most fascinating areas of Levanzo. The origin if the name is a small rugged island just off the coast.

For more details:

Frommers is a resource for planning a trip to Levanzo and destination details

Levanzo island information




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