How to enrich your lockdown time with a life changing reading experience

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This lockdown time may be the best thing to help you grow and improve your wellbeing. You may ask, what can improve my wellbeing? It’s reading and reading lots of books. In an article, Neil Gaiman – Why our future depends on libraries, reading, and daydreaming – he suggests that reading fiction for pleasure is one of the most important things you can do.




Since you may be in lockdown or still waiting to get back to your normal activities, there is something that will keep you happy and enriched.   It’s a great time to dive into some of the best books of all time. You may never have this much time again. So why not settle in with the wild, wonderful world of great books. There is a list of 25 best books that changed the world and will give you an in-depth understanding of the world. There is a list of 87 of the best travel books of all time if you long to travel or miss traveling. There are 100 of the best mysteries of all time if you love mysteries.

Let’s get started with this life growth program and dive into the beautiful world of reading.

Do you want to explore books that changed the world?

Check out the New York Public Library’s list of the 25 books that its librarians claim had the biggest effect on the course of history. It includes fiction and history, science, and religion; the following works have left their mark on the world and stood the test of time.



Are you longing to travel?

Traveler magazine compiled literary all-stars such Francine Prose, Paul Theroux, Gore Vidal, and more to create a comprehensive list of 87 outstanding travel books.





And for all you sleuths looking for good mysteries?

Mystery Writers of America, the experts in mysteries, compiled a list of the Top 100 Mystery Novels of all time.






Are you ready to settle in and enjoy a good book?


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