Discover why you need nature’s wonders every day

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Step outside. Take in a deep breath. Open your eyes to all the wonders encircled in nature.

You need a daily getaway to relax and soak your soul in a virtual hot tub of nature and simplicity, a place to set yourself up for success and immerse yourself in nature for personal growth strategies in your life.

Check out what all the great leaders and minds say about nature.





These great thinkers didn’t discover this by accident. They were aware and purposeful in learning from their natural environment.    

                                                         Take your pick of all the ways you can fit daily visits into nature.

Go For A Hike

Get your endorphins moving for an extra dose of stress by working out in nature. Whether you’re a beginner hiker or you’ve been hiking trails for years, there’s a hike for you near all our Outposts. Pack a celebratory lunch to enjoy from the summit and soak up the natural beauty around you.

Take a Walk in the Woods

If you’re looking for something a little more relaxed, simply taking a stroll through the trees will work wonders for your health and mindset. The Japanese tradition of forest bathing holds that merely being in the forest is a form of preventive health care, so relax with a gentle stroll.

Eat Your Meals in Nature

Instead of eating your lunch in front of your computer screen, try taking it outside if it’s a nice day. You can also eat breakfast on your porch or dinner on an outdoor patio.


Walk or Bike to Work

If you don’t live too far from your office, try walking or biking to work. It will require extra time, but you can shave it off later by skipping the gym after getting in a workout by commuting. It’ll also save you money on gas or public transit costs. So why not check out a new part of your home that you’ve ever seen on foot or cycle?

Find an Outdoor Hobby

If you still don’t know how to spend more time in nature in 2022, try taking up a new hobby. Any activity or hobby you love will jump higher on your to-do list. For example, try an outdoor sport such as beach volleyball, kayaking, nature photography, or bird watching. Any hobby that gets you outside is sure to get your body moving.

Spend a Day on the Water

Spending time in nature isn’t just about connecting with the forest. Try going to a lake, the beach, or even a pond to pass a day on the water. Your options are endless — you can boat, fish, swim, kayak, canoe, or wade in the water and enjoy the time with your family and friends.

Start a Garden

Everyone has to eat, and no matter where you purchase your fruits and vegetables, they always start in a garden. So why not grow them yourself and know precisely your food source? You can choose the types of fruits and vegetables you want to grow, and you’ll have to spend time outside to nurture the seeds to life.


It’s fun and uplifting to keep a journal. A journal holds memories in a way that is very personal and often emotional.

“The naturalist wanders with an inquiring eye, pauses, ponders, notes the bloom of a prairie pasqueflower. It is a tradition that goes back to Aristotle and earlier: observing and identifying earth’s myriad life forms and discovering the connections that bind them. For those with such interests, said British naturalist Miriam Rothschild, “life can never be long enough.” — John Hay in The Curious Naturalist

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