How to write a mystery like Agatha Christie.

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Calling all mystery writers who dream of writing a classic like Murder on the Orient Express.








First, it helps if you are struggling with personal traumas.  It could be childhood traumas or adult traumas. You may have a simmering life incident that hangs around.  Now it’s time to stop suffering and let your creativity burst to the top.





Here are some studies that found a correlation with an astounding burst of creativity from individuals who suffered a personal trauma. Romeo Vitelli, Ph.D. found an increase in highly creative individuals who channeled their negative experience into inspiration and spectacular creativity. Sara Watson discovered how grief and creativity work together to bring about increased creativity

Here’s a great example from Agatha Christie, who suffered a profound personal loss that became the impetus for one her most significant works of art. Agatha Christie climbed on the Orient Express with trunks of sorrow to work through. It turns out that this grand train and its journey inspired Agatha Christie’s most famous mystery.  James Pritchard Christie’s great-grandson said, “The storied train and its voyages to the exotic east not only inspired one of Christie’s most famous mysteries but also defined her.”

Are you ready to hop on board and charge up your creativity?

Now would like to explore your life journey and expand your creativity. Grab your best writing tools and book a trip on the Orient Express. You may also want to discover Becky Lucas’ 25 Things to know about the Venice Simplon-Orient Express.

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