Why take eco-friendly sailing vacations

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Eco-Friendly Benefits:  Sailing vacations are one of the leading ecotourism trends since innovators in the yachting industry created ways to make yachting vacations affordable as well as environmentally friendly. Sailing yachts, by their very nature, are eco-friendly. Seafaring ships harness the power of the wind as propulsion, minimizing or eliminating altogether the need for noisy, stinky diesel engines and generators. Using the newest technology in hybrid and electric engines, some of these yachts use little to no fossil fuels, relying instead on wind and solar power.

Creativity and Well Being Benefit: Wallacejnicholsin his blog, “The Cognitive Benefits of Being Near the Water”, states the historical evidence of people who have experienced and expressed the calming, inspiring, and even healing effects of water. Many people around the world self-administer water therapies at home, at spas, in pools, and along waterways as treatment for a variety of maladies

“ Seventy percent of my body is saltwater. My brain is bathed in saltwater. There’s no lack of clarity that we came from the ocean,” said Stanford’s Philippe Goldin, who studies the meditative and contemplative brain.”

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