Which is the right Caribbean Island for your dream vacation?

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Here’s help with your getaway to the Caribbean sun and sand

Five websites brimming with suggestions and tips to help you find the right Caribbean island for you.

Take a look at them and when you’re done, you’ll know where to go to get warm on a sandy island that is just right for you.

Top 25 Things to Do in the Caribbean: 2015 Viator Travel Awards” by the Viator Staff

The Caribbean spans over hundreds of islands, ranging from tiny to expansive and offering a diverse range of activities. From adrenaline junkies looking for their next daring adventure to shoppers hoping to find that perfect travel souvenir, plus lots of hiking and nature found in between, the Caribbean does not disappoint, regardless of one’s activity level.

For details, please visit: Viator.

Easy Planet Travel’s “Quick and Easy Guide To the Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean, with more than 700 gorgeous islands, is the perfect spot for a winter vacation. December to April is the best time to visit, and yet, you can go year-round and find beautiful weather too (it’s a little more of a gamble during hurricane season from August to October, but you can still get a sunny and hot week). Scattered across the Caribbean Sea, the islands are close enough to make it the world’s premier holiday spot for cruising, but still so different, that it’s sometimes hard to choose one over another. Here are a few pointers to help you choose between them.

For details, please visits: easyplanettravel.

Lonely Planet’s “How to choose a Caribbean island

The dozens of islands scattered across the Caribbean are a remarkably diverse lot. Pulsing Jamaica has little in common with group-filled Aruba, and even islands in plain sight of each other like St Kitts and Nevis are vastly different not just in appearance but in what they offer visitors.

So for the Caribbean-bound visitor, which island among the many to choose? Big or little, near or far, urban or lost are among the many considerations that can turn choosing a carefree holiday into a perplexing chore. Happily, our Caribbean Islands primer can take the pain out of choosing what’s right for you. We’ve got the low-down on all the most-visited islands, complete with what’s best about each one.

For details, please visits: lonelyplanet

Washington Post’s writers, Cindy Loose and Gary Lee’s “Finding Your Place in the Sun”

The unwitting traveler who heads to the island of Saba dreaming of white-sand beaches, duty-free jewelry shops and steel bands playing till dawn will have a rude surprise. Yet Saba would be the dream destination of a lifetime for the diver who also happens to love handmade lace and quiet nights where the only sounds are of waves crashing into volcanic rock. In other words, choose your island wisely.

Washington Post’s chart is a quick reference for matching your desires to your destination. It lists the major Caribbean islands, plus Bermuda and the Bahamas, and notes the island’s strong points in 11 areas of interest to vacationers. A check means that the island is a good choice for that subject; a star means it excels. Once you’ve narrowed your search to the perfect island, you’re practically on your way.

For details, please visits: WashingtonPost

Luxury Retreats’ writer, Katherine Scott’s “Where to go in the Caribbean

With so many to choose from, picking a Caribbean destination for your next villa vacation can be a challenge. Which islands generally include chef service? Where can you find the best beaches? Can you catch a direct flight? Whether you’re looking for a peaceful getaway or on-island excitement, take our Caribbean quiz now and find your perfect match!

For details, please visits: luxuryretreats

Finally, enjoy a preview of some of the sites you may enjoy on your Caribbean island vacation.


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