Enjoy some summer freedom on the Outer Banks Route 12

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Answer the call of the open road this summer where you get away for the hectic, depleting summer travel woes of air travel. Why not head to North Carolina and travel Route 12 in the Outer Banks. With its 80-mile beach drive full of variety that will eliminate the boredom that comes most road trips. You sense the seascapes and walk in the footsteps of pirates. You’ll travel along meeting places of land and ocean, human activity and wilderness. Get ready for an adventure since you walk where the first white settlers found landfall and Blackbeard the Pirate cast his anchor. You also come close to nature and wildlife with the screech of migrating geese and wild birds zooming overhead.



Check out roadtrippers to see some of the sites like lighthouses, sandy beaches, and shipwrecks that you find along the outer banks” scenic road trip.

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No road trip is complete without good books to read about the places on your journey.

For some suggestions for books novels set in the Outer Banks, check out Beth P. Storie’s article for good summer reads in outerbanksthisweek.

Here are 15 more novels set in the Outer Banks suggested by goodreads.

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  1. Pat on July 7, 2017 at 11:57 am

    Great information. Entices me to visit the Outer Banks

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