How to discover Christmas cheer with great writers and movie makers help

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As Auntie Mame said, “We all need a little bit of Christmas.” This is so true, especially this year.  Authors and creative filmmakers created fantastic books and movies to brighten your Christmas. These treasured holiday artists’ gifts bring special joy from their magical tales that touch a deeper part of our hearts.

If you’re looking for Christmas movies based on a novel, here are some sources.

There’s something about Christmas that inspires writers to spin Christmas tales that motivate movie makers to bring stories alive. Here are some Christmas movies based on novels.

MSN Entertainment offers 13 Brilliant Christmas movies for a festive season based on books.

On imdb’s list, you’ll find 100+ Christmas movies based on books.

Goodreads’ holiday cheer list offers 25 Hallmark Christmas Movies based on books.

Or if you want to cozy up with some Christmas books, there are many choices to check out.

Daring to Live Fully shares a list of Literary Christmas books from poets to writers.

Reedsy gives you the most festive Christmas books.

And for the family, Tidbits has a list of 35 of the best Christmas books.

And to expand your “at home Christmas” while reading  Christmas books and watching movies. Try some Hygge Christmas warm with these helpful suggestions.

Montana happy, life made simple gives you 21 Christmas Ideas to Warm Your Soul.

Making Home Pretty gives ideas on how to create a cozy and merry Hygge Christmas.


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