3 Ways Journal Writing Helps Your Kids with Personal Growth

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It’s winter, and your kids may be home more because of remote learning. Duke and Daisy spent their time to find something that will help your kids feel better and have some fun while they’re spending more time indoors and away from their everyday lifestyles. They’re enthused to help kids spend time writing in a personal journal. Come along with Duke and Daisy you’ll find out how the journal will help your kids deal with their feelings, improve their writing skills, and increase their communication skills.






For kids who have difficulty expressing their needs verbally or making decisions about things, keeping a journal gives them a way to learn and gain emotional organization. When they put their impressions on paper, they can go back and explore their beliefs more objectively.

Writing Skills

When kids write to journal prompts, their writing skills improve. They may even grow into a future bestselling novelist. Many of the journal’s prompts allow the kids to improve their spelling and grammar, improve their reading skills, and improve their written communication skills.

Enhance Communication Skills

Here are some various types of journals that help kids grow their communication skills.

Nature Journals: These journals are a way to help kids keep track of their observations about the natural world.

Vacation journals help kids chronicle their vacation using combinations of writing, picture, and souvenirs.

Duke and Daisy found some journals to help kids discover more wonders of their personal growth.

Canvas One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book (Yearly Memory Journal and Diary, Natural Canvas Cover) by Chronicle Books

Expand your journaling with this five-year memory book journal, a tactile version of the bestselling One Line a Day memory book.

Jot down ideas or highlights one page for every day and compare your entries to the same date in years past in this notebook. This small handsome book features a rich oatmeal-colored, canvas cloth case, striking metallic page edges, and a ribbon page marker, and one line for every day.

Me: A Compendium: A Fill-in Journal for Kids (Wee Society) Diary – Illustrated,

Inventive, hilarious and joyously colorful, this fill-in journal was designed to help kids capture nearly everything that’s uniquely rad about them. 

With design-savvy, yet completely kid-friendly illustrations, they’re asked to draw or write about a bunch of interesting things—like what their hair looks like, what their band name would be, what they’d bring to outer space, and how they feel about lightning, lizards, and pickles. There may or may not be a place for super-secret stuff inside the book jacket. Whether kids complete their entire compendium on a rainy day or finish it over a year, it’ll become a treasure to look back on and smile.

Ideal for the holidays, rainy days, and happy occasions of all kinds, this is an imagination-building gift that will engage kids for hours on end!

My Emotions Journal: Feelings Journal For Kids And Teens – Help Children And Tweens Express Their Emotions – Through Drawing & Writing – Reduce … (Mood & Emotion Tracking Journals) by Lilly’s Journal

Everyone feels better and calmer when they can recognize and express their feelings. Sometimes, this can be really challenging for kids to do. This is even more so the case for those children with conditions such as – anxiety, depression, Aspergers, autism, or ADHD.

Having a journal, diary, or logbook can be a safe place where they can vent their frustrations and emotions. It can also be a way of sharing and discussing feelings that they have been having.

This simple and fun journal will give your child an outlet to their emotions in a creative way – through both writings, drawing, or even sticking.

Each day has a repeated template of two pages and these recur every day of the week. However, all pages are undated – so, your child is not confined to having to use it every day.

The first two pages in the book are filled out, just to give an example of how it could be filled in. After that, the pages are ready to be filled in and there are over 120 pages in total.

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