Why You Need Music in Your Life

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Music can change the world”. Ludwig van Beethoven

Music is a magic pill for life-enriching. We all need Music in our lives. You may ask why what’s so great about Music? Music increases your creativity. You may ask why do you need creativity. In today’s world, we are all searching for ways to make life better.  James Stephen Lloyd Poole’s article The Importance of Creativity provides reasons for the importance of creativity in your life.

Finding Music for Creativity


If you’re seeking magic to charge your creativity, here are some suggestions for good Music listening.

Hitting a Slump? Here’s the Best Music for Working when you need to get creative by Nicola Brown

Beat the black canvas blues: Music to inspire creativity by Tamara Roper

Music and Creativity: How Music Helps Us Be More Creative by Curtis Dean

Why Learn to Create your Music?

Find out why in 10 reasons you take up a musical instrument.

Where to look:

10 Tips for Learning Music as an Adult by Liberty Park Music by Liberty Park Music

The 7 Best Musical Instruments to Learn On Your Own by Sidrah Qayyum by Alan Walker

Easiest Musical Instruments to Learn for Adult Beginners by Alan Walker

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    Great blog on the need for music in our lives.

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      Thank you

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